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Danse Macabre by Author Ellen J. Perry Danse Macabre - "I looked around good. Hit struck me how lonesome the cabin was, set back in the cedar trees thataway, despite her children a-playing all around the steps. Hit was kindly dark back in there, and the cold wind come a-blowing through them cedar trees with a sighing sound, a crying sound, real [...]
Ellen J. Perry - Shit Just Got Real Shit Just Got Real: A 21st-Century Fairy Tale - “I did not feel half bad walking the red-dog road down the mountain that next morning, in fact I felt like running and whooping it up, yelling and swinging on grapevines like we used to do up on Pilgrim Knob. Because it is a fact that if you are ruint, like I am, [...]
Milk, Bread, Soft Drinks by Author Ellen J. Perry Milk, Bread, Soft Drinks - “I do not have any home. So why should I be homesick?”      Carson McCullers, The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter (1940)   Watching my clothes dry at a 24-hour laundromat in New York City, I eased myself into a corner seat near the window and took one sip of “Co-Cola,” [...]
Ellen J. Perry - Persephone Hekate - "By dimpled brook and fountain-brim, The wood-nymphs, decked with daisies trim, Their merry wakes and pastimes keep: What hath night to do with sleep? Night hath better sweets to prove; Venus now wakes, and wakens Love. Come, let us our rights begin; ’Tis only daylight that makes sin, Which these [...]
Solstice by Author Ellen J. Perry Not So Good At This - I’m not so good at this. Sports are not my thing. Still, I try; I bounce the ball on hot sand. Dee won’t watch to save her life. My cheeks flame red, not bronze the way Tim glows. I laugh, though, and hope to catch Dee’s bright blue eyes. Here [...]
Real Close by Author Ellen J. Perry Real Close - Growing up in the hills of rural Wise County, Virginia, Travis Owens never imagined he’d be cleaning the swimming pool and doing odd jobs at a swanky beach hotel, but here he was at the Starlight Harbor Resort and Marina at 8:00 on a Saturday morning doing just that. Guests [...]
Dellie by Author Ellen J. Perry Dellie - Sitting on the side of her bed one Saturday morning (her body tense and rigid in contrast to her soft, worn white cotton nightgown and tattered blue chenille robe), Dellie braced for her grandchildren to come charging through the front door.  At that moment Dellie decided that she was ready [...]