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Lee Smith is my favorite writer and primary inspiration.  Her latest book, Dimestore, is amazing.

My editor and writing partner Lisa Johnson, Director of A-B Tech’s Writing Center, is second to none.  I am truly grateful for her professional critiques and editorial insights.

As a passionate advocate for women’s rights, I support the following organizations:

It’s an honor to teach in UNCA’s Humanities Program.  HUM 324 was my favorite course as a student, and now I get to experience it again with the next generation of bright, dedicated students.

Hugo Gutierrez is a talented photographer based in western North Carolina.  He led the photo shoot for my website and does terrific work overall.

I’ve enjoyed taking classes over the years with the Great Smokies Writing Program.

I have a background in British literature; Sebastian Faulks is my favorite contemporary author from across the pond.

I love animals and am proud of the work these folks do in our community.  I adopted my cat Coco from the Asheville Humane Society.