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  • "I am profoundly grateful to have had the opportunity to learn about literature and life from the extraordinary Ellen Perry, who was my guiding light during my early college years and the “sunshine” in several of my semesters. She inspired, challenged, encouraged, mentored, and believed in me. If you are ever lucky enough to have the chance to take one of Ellen’s classes… I highly recommend you grab it!"
    -Barbara Steele
  • "Ellen Perry captures the idiosyncrasies of living in the South like no one since Eudora Welty! Her knowledge of Southern Culture surpasses us all!"
    -Gigi Derballa
  • "Ellen has encouraged me to reach for my biggest, craziest dreams and has given me the confidence to believe I can through her amazing teaching and mentoring."
    -Jacquelyn S.
  • "Ellen is our neighbor, and we do declare, she is a deeelightful woman who listens well and laughs lustily."
    -Ernest Jones
  • "Ellen Perry is a stimulating speaker and outstanding advocate for Southern Literature.  I have often enjoyed conversation with her about the intersection of history and culture."
    -Randee B. Goodstadt
  • "Ellen has a great rapport with her students; she has the ability to make students feel comfortable, to gently guide them while allowing them to be themselves. It's an art form and she is clearly adept."
    -Christopher O'Hare
  • "Ellen Perry has been a true inspiration to me as I've gotten to know her over the years. I took an English class from her back in 2010 which made me fall in love with the art of storytelling again. She has a strong spirit and captivating original voice that comes across in her work."
    -Rob Ridenour
  • "Ellen is encouraging, dynamic, and highly approachable, possessing the positive qualities one wants in a leader. Her enthusiasm and passion for her work are contagious, making her an excellent motivator and captivating speaker."
    -Brook C. Mayo
  • "Ellen is a thoughtful teacher who consistently supports and encourages her students and her colleagues. She's a pleasure to work with."
    -Dr. Samantha NeCamp
  • "Ellen is dynamic. As a teacher and writer, she defines the necessities of love, heart ache, and self-expression as a means to understanding our humanity."
    -Heather K. Vaughn
  • "Ellen’s stories are of matchless cloth, a weave of Southern culture and homespun philosophy, embroidered with a master seamstress’s eye for arresting detail and surprise."
    -Lisa Johnson
  • "Ellen's witty, wry, and wise prose takes readers on a exhilarating and enlightening ride through the hills of contemporary Appalachia."
    -Jennifer McGaha
  • "Ellen's inner light illuminates the darkest, unvisited corners of her student's minds, creating the opportunity, that many have not had, to truly be themselves in their quest for knowledge. I am forever grateful to have met Ellen. She changed my life and helped me through a lot of issues over the past year and a half. She is an incredible, powerful woman with the heart of a saint. She deserves nothing but the absolute best."
    -Brittany King
  • "What makes Ellen Perry such a good writer are the same qualities that make her such a good teacher:  authenticity, engagement, and pluck. She is the real deal as those fortunate enough to call her friend know. It is something her readers discover as well when they delve into her work."
    -Jim Driggers
  • "I met Ellen in a summer writing class, and she's an energy force field in motion with a marvelous sense of humor. She wrote a remarkable, perfectly crafted vignette about her grandmother Mamie Lou Morris Benton in FIFTEEN minutes!"
    -Amy Star
  • "While her characters are exclusively Southern, Ellen moves beyond the surface level of feigned sweetness and pecan pie contests to reveal the pangs and fears lurking within every human heart."
    -Abigail Hickman
  • "They say "pick the professor, not the class". Ellen Perry, with her infectuous enthusiasm and engaging teaching style, is exactly that professor. Teaching is her calling."
    -Tsaiwei Cheng 
  • "Ellen's ability to convey subtleties of character, while at the same time making her characters universal, is such a treat! She may be labeled a "Southern" writer--but anyone, anywhere, can identify with her people: that's a gift, to all readers."
    -Peg Downes
  • "I was fortunate enough to have Ellen Perry as an instructor of English at ABTech. Her professionalism and knowledge of the material were fantastic. Her energy is amazing."
    -Trey Jordan
  • "Ellen Perry is a community-builder. Her classes bring students together in conversations that allow them to stretch their intellects and explore ideas together."
    -Ellen Pearson
  • "Ellen is an amazing instructor who has immense passion for literature.  She is extremely caring and supportive of her students, past and present."
    -Christopher Thomas


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